Champagne: cooking, cleaning and drinking

Stuffed turkey breast roll. Scallops. Vegies. Salad. Pie. Saison beer. Champagne. Dreams for thanksgiving………..

I’m the person who happily stands at the kitchen sink eating from a can of beans or carton of cottage cheese with a spoon and calling that a meal. My culinary skills are basic grub. Crockpot. One skillet dishes. Open the fridge and cut/chop vegetables soon to be past edible and tossing with a big jug of V8 into a pot and making soup. Rarely caring to tax myself beyond the steps of boiling pasta and tossing something with it to make a casserole. LAZY/peasant. That’s me. (although I have a major crush on anthony bourdain, and he’s the reason i finally and impulsively made a 3 week trip to spain/italy to drink wine and eat tappas). btw – i managed to drop 10 pounds despite gluttonly quaffing fine spanish wine and italian gelato. how bad was that? hee.

Last month my sunset magazine arrived in my mailbox and I gave it my usual cursory glance thru prior to taking it, along with assorted books and magazines, to my used book store that offers cash or store credit. It was a thanksgiving issue, duh, but I was uncharacteristically  captivated by the rustic meal and tablescape. It grabbed me. Hard. Like the first rough and deep embrace of a lover. Yum. And long sigh……..anthony? anthony bourdain???

So today I find myself in my awkward kitchen making sundried tomato pesto to smear along with bacon and chopped mushroom stems into a pounded turkey breast, rolling and tying with butchers twine into a roll for thanksgiving. Like a pork loin. And of course I immediately thought of the mess and cleanup, as well as wanting a clean fridge. Well! I spied a long forgotten bottle of champagne, remember?, the fridge is not my fave hang out place. I thought why not? And with a whooshing pop that only sounds like what it is, I poured my first glass. Into a beer glass. gasp. And BTW, listening to my created pandora station heavy with bluesy rockabilly throaty female singers and twanging guitar coupled with Leonard Cohen. Sweet.

I managed the pesto, and thankfully, rather than blithely following the pinterest recipe and dumping a full cup of grated parmesan in, tasted it. WOW. Good thing as didn’t realize how the parm would dry up the tongue taste. Finished the pesto, had an obvious oily, basil, sundried toms in oil, parm and salt/pepper mess to clean up. Another glass of champagne please. Poured the pesto into a jar and placed right up front, all importantly, center stage on my fridge shelf.

So now I have the clean up and scrubbing of counters, the floor (i’m messy) and had to clean the fridge, which I managed, plunking my butt on an old, old, old milk stool between the door and shelves. Yuck.

I’m spent. (smile).

Happy Thanksgiving to all who have managed to bear with me on this laborious post. The chef in me  (wink) honors the chef in you…..namaste.











2 thoughts on “Champagne: cooking, cleaning and drinking”

  1. I enjoyed very much. That recipe sounds hard-and I love to cook-some times even, difficult dishes! -It was very entertaining. Nice style. The photos also brought me right there along with ya.


  2. Thank you for enjoying! It wasn’t really hard (or I wouldn’t have done it). Here’s the sun dried tomato pesto I made to smear on the turkey roll:
    7 ounces sun-dried tomatoes in oil (can find jars this size)
    2 garlic cloves (i used pre-minced, 2 tablespoons)
    1 cup fresh basil leaves
    1/2 cup parmesan, grated
    extra virgin olive oil
    salt (kosher or regular)
    fresh cracked black pepper

    blend tomatoes w/their oil, garlic, basil & parmesan in food processor and blend until tomatoes finely chopped. (add more oil if needed to reach your desired consistency).
    Taste, add salt/pepper to your taste
    Store in fridge or freezer. (no pine nuts in recipe)

    BTW – use this on everything: chicken, hamburgers, etc. And of course a smear on toasted bread is heaven. Enjoy –


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